Full with patient.....
Monday, 19 December 2011 • 09:15 • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum, hai all.
Ni blog baru eika tau, blog lame eika yg http;//eikaouheka.blogspot.com tuh da takde lagi..
Sebab blogyer da kene hacked!!!! Sdey tau... Sebab dlm blog tuh byk kenangan..
And banyak story eika. Hum, nak wt cmne kn bnde da nk jd... Ni blog baru eika, eika hpoe,
Kowg sume akn follow blog eika ni. Yg dulu follower da nk mencevah 50lbey,
Now hampehhh~ hum.... Follow rmai2 ye blog eika ni. Hope kowg suke~ kepade yg da buat blog eika
Jd hacked, thx a lot k. sabo jelaaaahhh.....

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